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Why Are We So Affordable?

When we researched existing franchise groups, we were shocked at the HUGE fees companies were charging for training and maintaining franchise and vendor data. Our goal was to change this model to reflect today's technology and remove this huge barrier.

We asked ourselves why do existing franchise professional groups charge thousands of dollars for training and franchisor data access?  Nowadays domain names, website hosting, database systems, cloud storage and high speed internet access are relatively inexpensive. Why not pass those savings on to you?

We are a small and nimble company

We are a small company. Our overhead and costs are low. We use technology to keep it that way.

Our marketing costs are low

We rely on 'word of mouth' and SEO for our new signups. 

Our prices are based on market costs

We charge enough to cover our technology costs and our time.


What are the costs to become a member?

Memberships are only $349/year, for Franchise Brokers, Franchisors or Vendor Partners.

That amounts to less than $1 per day. Many spend more than that on their daily coffee habit.


When were you founded?

We officially launched in 2013.

When can I join?

Now! Why wait?

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How many franchisor members do you have?

We have 90+ franchisors who have agreements in place to pay referral commissions to pay our broker members for a candidate placement.

Our list of franchisors is steadily growing.